Delivering an Enterprise App Store

Delivering an Enterprise App Store

Delivering an Enterprise App Store

Until recently, Intel maintained multiple app stores and delivery platforms, resulting in inconsistent experience, quality, and support.

Intel IT has developed an integrated enterprise app store, the Intel® Software Market, which simplified employee’s ability to find, download, and launch apps from PCs and mobile devices. We initially explored purchasing a solution, but it was clear that provide a consistent, branded user experience, we needed to develop our own solution.

We began with developing the PC app store, using a native client to begin consolidating the existing app store experiences by implementing a single database and web service. We used an open backend to support the future demands of BYOD.

Employees rapidly adopted the new app store and provided positive feedback about the rapid response they received to their questions and suggestions. Their inquiries significantly contributed to the improvement of the user experience.

This positive feedback also inspired us to expand the app store design to Intel’s existing mobile app store using the same architecture and UI. Creating a consistent UI across the two platforms has provided users with a seamless experience regardless of platform.

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