Big Data: Intel IT’s Secure Hadoop Platform

Big Data: Intel IT’s Secure Hadoop Platform

Big Data: Intel IT’s Secure Hadoop Platform

Intel IT values open-source-based, big data processing using Apache Hadoop* software. Last year we migrated from the Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop software to the Cloudera Enterprise*.

Based on our original experience with Apache Hadoop software, Intel IT identified new opportunities to reduce IT costs and extend our business intelligence capabilities. We use Cloudera ...enterprise-grade tools to improve the performance, management, and security of our Hadoop platform.

The transition to Cloudera Enterprise especially offered us the ability to boost Hadoop security by replacing perimeter-only security with a far more secure Kerberos*-based platform. Our platform is now protected by centralized and fine-grained authorization and encryption using Apache Sentry* and Cloudera Navigator* Key Trustee capabilities.

Careful planning, thorough testing, proactive communications, and phased implementation helped enable the first big data platform within Intel that is certified to host data that is Intel Top Secret.

To create a more secure Hadoop platform we focused on the following areas:

  • Perimeter. Guarding access to the cluster itself with authentication and network isolation.
  • Access. Defining what users and applications can do with data, utilizing permissions and authorization.
  • Visibility. Reporting about data origin and use, using audits and data lineage management.
  • Data. Protecting data in the cluster from unauthorized visibility using encryption, tokenization, and data masking.

Our Hadoop security best practices enhance security, privacy, and legal compliance at Intel. They also make it possible for Intel's business groups to broaden their scope for business intelligence analytics with the knowledge that our Hadoop platform has a significantly improved security posture.

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