Intel: Best Practices for PC Fleet Management

Intel: Best Practices for PC Fleet Management

Intel: Best Practices for PC Fleet Management

Intel IT: Best Practices for PC Fleet Management

How Intel IT simplifies fleet management, while increasing productivity and reducing cost

How can you empower 80,000 diverse employees in a global environment to be consistently productive? Intel IT has selected a powerful combination of software, hardware and best practices that keep costs down and productivity high, while also prepa...ring for the technologies of the future. These technologies and tools provide efficiencies that enable our employees to connect and collaborate with team members and business partners around the world. We are also implementing a strategy based on preventing problems before users experience an impact. These resources provide insight into the work that Intel IT is doing in this area. We’ve broken it into four areas for consideration.

• Regular refresh. We've developed a comprehensive methodology that lets us calculate the real cost of operating more than 80,000 PCs. With this information, we can determine the optimal time to refresh our PCs, to achieve costs savings and maintain productivity.
• Smart technology. We see great value in using a combination of new hardware and software technologies to make IT and our employees the most productive and cost efficient.
• Embracing consumerization. Handheld devices, whether personal or corporate, are widespread in our environment, and we expect those numbers to increase. We actively support consumerization by putting appropriate measures in place to ensure the security of the enterprise.
• Proactive support. By focusing support resources on eliminating issues before they occur, we are able to boost employee productivity as well as reduce IT support costs.

IT annual performance report

Discover the key Intel IT initiatives and strategies that delivered business value to Intel in 2010, as well as important IT focus areas for 2011. Key topics include IT consumerization, cloud computing, enterprise security, and delivering business value.

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