Smart Stadiums Lead in Profitability, Fan Experience, and Security

Smart Stadiums Lead in Profitability, Fan Experience, and Security

Stadium operators are in a squeeze play between fans expecting a more captivating experience and host cities looking for higher returns on their sports complex investments. With today's sophisticated home entertainment systems and the latest stats and updates available on mobile devices, they need to find new ways to fil the stadium, compel fans to spend more, and keep everyone safe.

Smart ...stadiums are the answer. They provide fans and staff with a wealth of information on parking availability, bathroom and concession lines, seat upgrades, special offers, and more. Fans get a convenient, personalized experience with shorter lines and directions to navigate faster through crowded stadiums and parking facilities. The staff receives immediate updates on what's happening in the venue, increasing their efficiency and ability to secure the premises.

This can be done cost-effectively by networking sensors and existing systems in the stadium using the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Competing Against the At-Home Experience
Although there's nothing like a live sports or entertainment event, stadium operators are still challenged to lure fans away from the comfort of their homes, big-screen TVs, surround sound, and refrigerators nearby. As high-tech consumer devices have raised the bar considerably, it's increasingly important to offer technologically sophisticated services.

Because many fans are staying home to watch games, state-of-the-art stadiums are being designed to dramatically improve the fan experience. Significantly increasing fan interactivity with Intel® technology, new capabilities such as augmented reality, interactive seats, and big screens go well beyond what's possible at home. With literally thousands of state-of-the-art monitors installed throughout the venue, fans won't miss a play regardless of whether they are in their seats. Fans can also have real-time access to player profiles, statistical data, and fantasy performances of teams and players on their smartphones, tablets, and stadium kiosks.

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