Enabling the Industry of Tomorrow

Enabling the Industry of Tomorrow

Enabling the Industry of Tomorrow

IEI’s QTS* gateway cloud platform utilized high-performance Intel® processors to lower management and production costs.

Predictive Maintenance, Precisely Timed

Using networked Industrial IoT sensors on the assembly line, smart manufacturing tracks key indicators of equipment wear — like vibration and temperature.

Increase uptime

Tighter Quality Management

Industrial IoT solutions from Intel tighten quality controls, adding data analytics and intelligence throughout the production process — from the supply chain to the factory floor.

Improve quality

Measure and Manage Machines

Open and interoperable, Intel's IIoT technologies integrate with existing equipment to collect and analyze performance data all along your production line.

Explore smart factories

Connected Workers Safer, More Productive

From offshore drilling rigs to fulfillment warehouses, IIoT solutions from Intel deliver information to connected workers that increases safety and productivity.

Work smarter

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