White House Recognition of Intel’s End-to-End Solutions

In partnership with the City of San Jose, CA, in The SmartAmerica Challenge, Intel has received recognition for demonstrating the capability to solve critical problems and advance the future of the Internet of Things (IoT). This innovative public-private partnership project uses Intel’s IoT Smart City Demonstration Platform to further San Jose’s Green Vision initiative. Together we are enhancing the quality of life for San Jose citizens by fostering 25,000 Clean Tech jobs, driving economic growth, and supporting environmental sustainability. 


The Next Generation of Leadership

Cities like San Jose need new solutions in order to become more flexible and responsive to the escalating demands of current and future residents. By creating a “sustainability lens” and drawing on embedded systems already in place and powered by Intel along with a network of new sensors, we’re able to measure characteristics, such as particulates in the air, noise pollution, and traffic flow. Improvements in these systems promise to transform everyday life in US cities and around the world.

Powering the Future of the IoT

Intel technology delivers practical, cutting-edge intelligence. We’re partnering to help cities use resources more efficiently and realize the many untapped possibilities of the IoT. Development and deployment of M2M communication via the IoT is simplified with Intel’s extensive portfolio of open and scalable solutions. By delivering the advanced end-to-end solutions needed to harness data, we’re powering the IoT future and driving improvements in everything from air and water quality to transportation, communication, and energy management systems.

Cyber-Secure IoT Innovation

Our pre-integrated, pre-validated hardware and software building blocks connect things to the cloud, integrate with existing infrastructures, manage and analyze the data things generate—and keep it all secure. Our industry leading security framework of hardened servers, gateways, and end points can be trusted to provide security for every connection and data transmission. You can trust Intel’s secure data delivery systems to unlock the power of the IoT.

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