The Internet of Things is Bringing Big Changes to the World of Payments

Intel at Transact 15

Consumers have many payment options, and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) will further expand electronic transaction possibilities. Retailers are faced with ever-growing security threats and consumers' desire for easy and convenient payments. Intel® solutions featured at Transact 15 help merchants and financial institutions deliver secure and simple transactions and can provide consumer insight using data and predictive analytics, so businesses can better know their customer.

From providing end-to-end protection to managing and using transactional data or providing easy payment methods, Intel is helping retailers and financial institutions delight their customers and improve their bottom line.

Learn how you can employ safe and secure payment methods and improve your customers' experiences with Intel® technology-based solutions featured at Transact 15.


Demo Name Description

The stylish My Intelligent Communication Accessory (MICA) bracelet connects the wearer to text messages, Facebook and Google notifications, appointment reminders, and local business recommendations.

The Basis Peak™ fitness and sleep tracker provides deep insight into workouts, sleep, and everything in-between. It combines comprehensive fitness and sleep analysis with smartwatch notifications, making it the ultimate all-in-one device.

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Interactive dining experience

This solution from Tanjarine lets diners at Beef O' Brady's interact with tablets that connect to their servers' handheld devices. Diners can browse menus, place orders at their convenience, contact their servers, pay their bill, play interactive games and music, and more. The solution features a 10-inch Intel®-based Android* tablet, 5-inch server handhelds, and digital signs throughout the restaurant. 

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Interactive shopping experience

HP's mPOS and digital signage players help home goods retailer Nebraska Furniture Mart streamline the sales process and offer customers a more rewarding shopping experience. Sales associates have access to real time product information and inventory and can complete payment transactions without leaving the customer's side.

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The MemoryMirror from MemoMi is an omni-channel platform that helps Neiman Marcus increase customer loyalty and sales. Through gestures or the mobile app, customers can get a 360-degree view, see previous selections, and even try on items virtually.

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Mobile payment solutions

Intel®-based tablets enable retailers the flexibility to work with their choice of OEMs, ISVs, and either Window 8* or Android*-based operating systems. Mobile solutions based on Intel® technologies ensure manageability and ease of integration into backend systems for lower total cost of ownership. Options for payment include EMV, NFC, and MSR, and 1-2D barcode scanning enables inventory look up.

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Intel® Data Protection Technology (Intel® DPT) for transactions

Using hardware authentication and end-to end encryption, Intel® DPT for transactions is designed to secure credit or debit and personal data from the moment a transaction is initiated. Intel DPT for transactions creates a transaction path that directly routes data from the payment terminal to the bank’s servers, encrypting sensitive personal information that bypasses the point of sale (POS) platform, its system memory, and the POS’s operating system.

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Beverage intelligence

SteadyServ iKeg* uses Intel® technology to give retailers easy, mobile access to cloud-based inventory and performance intelligence.

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Intel retail experience

A hands-on experience zone at Best Buy gives shoppers the opportunity to try, explore, and play with the latest cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, augmented reality, and digital disc jockey (DJ) remixing.  

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RFID and end-to-end retail analytics

The Intel® IoT Platform enables end-to-end analytics and inventory accuracy to support retail’s omni-channel solutions. This solution showcases how inventory can be instrumented in a live demonstration that tracks tags shared with attendees during ETA Transact 15. A key component of this solution is the affordable Intel® Quark™ technology-based RFID reader, which seamlessly connects to cloud-based analytics tools.

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SMB PCI Solution

Intel Security and Aperia Solutions combine forces to tackle the small and medium business (SMB) challenge. The integration of McAfee® SaaS Endpoint Protection and Aperia Solutions’ industry leading PCI platform delivers an essential enterprise level security suite to the SMB environment.

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