Review the key building blocks designed to connect smart objects to the cloud in a standardized fashion, run data analytics, and ramp up IoT use cases and features. In particular, Supermicro provides a full line of computing, storage, and switching solutions that can connect edge devices to the cloud. These solutions take advantage of Intel® technologies that deliver exceptional computing performa...nce, security features, and platform software.

Emerging end-to-end IoT solutions will allow companies to collect, analyze, and derive meaning from data in ways that boost their bottom line while improving peoples' lives. Helping to make this a reality, the open and scalable products featured in this paper make it easier to connect, protect, and manage devices. With expertise in systems across the entire IoT architecture—devices, IoT gateways, on-premises servers, network switches, and cloud infrastructure—Supermicro and Intel are valuable partners for IoT solution providers.

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