Cities represent the largest market for vision technology due to global urbanization. The UN estimates that, by 2030, 60% of the world's population will live in cities, and there will be 43 megacities with over 10 million inhabitants. People are moving to cities to take advantage of economic opportunities, but with that shift comes social challenges in the form of safety, mobility, and health issues.

Vision solutions can be used to solve these problems. They can aid first responders to prevent, identify, and decrease response times to crimes and accidents. They can make roads safer and more efficient with frictionless parking and tolls. The use of modern vision technology solutions is the foundation of smart cities that can solve today's issues and address future citizen needs.

Dell has achieved a leadership position in many areas of the commercial and consumer marketplace. Most recently, Intel and Dell have partnered to accelerate solutions for IoT safety and security globally that help our partners and customers solve real world business problems, such as building safe cities and securing critical infrastructures like airports, ports, and transportation. By enabling the best of breed solutions that run computer vision and deep learning software, the partnering together with DISV ecosystem, we shorten time to market and speed deployment of these solutions to our customers.

Camera technology is being deployed ubiquitously, giving computers the ability to see what is happening. When paired with recent innovations in AI technology, the computers are also able to use deep learning to understand, or infer, what they are seeing. The technology is transforming business outcomes across industries, making cities safer, modes of transportation and manufacturing facilities more efficient, driving increased sales and operational efficiencies for retailers, and providing life saving opportunities through early detection in hospitals.

The possibilities of using computer vision to drive business transformation and outcomes are endless. Please reach out to your Intel account representative, or visit us at We look forward to partnering with you.