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Industry: Retail | Available Territories: Global

About This Partner and Product

  • Product Name: Reflext Sense and Response Solution*

  • Targeted Geographies: Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Pacific and Japan, Africa and Middle East

  • Industry: Retail

  • Competency: Sound Analytics



Outdu MediaTech Pvt. Ltd.

Outdu MediaTech Pvt. Ltd. designs and develops solutions for surveillance and operations, using an edge processing autonomous IoT device.

Their device consists of multiple sensors, including dual cameras, speakers and microphones, motion sensors, and GPS. Sensor signals are processed inside the device in real-time, using neural networks-based algorithms.

About the Product

Reflext Sense and Response Solution*

The Outdu Reflext Intelligent Sense and Response Solution* is based on an edge processing device (i.e., camera, audio, motion, GPS sensors), AI-based algorithms, and cloud backend services.

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