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About This Partner and Product

  • Product Name: OpenNCC Programmable Vision AI Kit

  • Targeted Geographies: All

  • Industry: All

  • Competency: Video Analytics



EyeCloud, Inc.

With 30+ years of industrial experience in complex image processing systems design, optics, sensor characteristics, image processing, IQ tuning, CV algorithms, and camera systems interfaces and integration, EyeCloud Inc knows how to make the right optimization and trade-offs to make embedded AI work in the constraint of limited resource and still make the accuracy and speed practical for real world applications. We take our advantage of technology and experience to provide customers and partners with best choice of solutions.

About the Product

OpenNCC Programmable Vision AI Kit

OpenNCC Programmable Vision* AI Kit supports running Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit AI models on the camera locally. It can adapt to various situations and satisfy various application requirements. This kit includes an Intel® Myriad X VPU powered camera, a tailored USB camera case, an opensource software tool, a software development Kit (SDK) for customization development and integration, and an online community for developers to get support and share with each other.  By using OpenNCC Programmable Vision* AI Kit, different customers can apply different AI algorithms to cameras to develop their own AI embedded cameras, that can speed up the development process.

Powered by: Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit