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About This Partner and Product

  • Product Name: ALOG AIIM (Autonomous Inspection & Inventory Management)

  • Targeted Geographies: ALL

  • Industry: Manufacturing

  • Competency: Object Detection




Autonomous Logistics Technologies (ALOG TECH) is disrupting the market with its vision of ‘Autonomous Logistics’, with a synergistic combination of autonomous logistics systems and autonomous material handling equipment. They have achieved this by adding sense-think-act capabilities to machines and software systems, using robotics, computer vision, and AI technologies. ALOG TECH has developed autonomous systems to transform manufacturing, retail, and logistics.

About the Product

ALOG AIIM (Autonomous Inspection & Inventory Management)

ALOG TECH’s AIIM* automates product inspection and counting using static cameras or autonomous mobile robots. AIIM* uses advanced computer vision and AI technologies for identifying, inspecting, dimensioning, tracking and counting various products. AIIM* is especially suited for use cases where there is significant variation in objects being inspected or in the operating conditions under which inspection takes place or where there is significant manual activity that can interfere with inspection. In such conditions traditional machine vision systems are not viable. Manual assembly operations are a good example. Another use case is where the camera or vision sensor is not static but is moving to inspect a large object or area. Similarly, in retail stores AIIM* is well suited for auditing shelf inventory and planogram compliance. In warehousing, AIIM can be used for automatic identification of SKUs during receiving, picking, shipping, and cycle counting.
AIIM* can be deployed on the edge or cloud and can be integrated with existing automation and enterprise systems through standard interfaces.       
AIIM* was deployed for a Fortune 500 Oil & Gas major in India for inspection and counting of LPG cylinders at their bottling plants, as part of an Industry 4.0 initiative. The system was trained to identify different types of cylinders as well as specific defects. Ordinary surveillance cameras were fixed on top of the conveyors at an appropriate height and angle. Video feed from these cameras is processed centrally by AIIM software running on an Intel® Core™ X-Series processor.

Powered by: Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit