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Accelerate Software Development with Wind River Simics*

Start software development even before hardware is available and reduce time to market and development cost.

Wind River Simics* is a full system simulation technology that provides software and system developers, architects, and test engineers a way to build and use a virtual system or create many virtual connected systems for various purposes. Unmodified software components run in virtual systems as if they are running on real hardware from the point of view of functionalities. The technology is very versatile and can simulate a single component, a board, many boards, and even the network. Simics IA models are currently used and tested by Intel for current and upcoming products. The technology is professionally supported by Wind River, so users can tailor the solutions to meet the unique requirements on their own systems.


The figure below provides an example of the integrated development environment running a virtual IA hardware on Simics. The simulator not only provides developers easy access to register level details of the hardware, it also provides an environment that makes things very easy to run, pause life actions, or even run backwards in debug situations. All this system information is available at the fingertips of developers either through graphic interface or command lines. User applications can be transferred to the virtual platforms through file systems or network.


The technology is easily scalable to many systems. It allows enterprise designers access to virtual hardware or many systems for all kinds of design and test purposes. With professional support from Wind River, users can even learn to write their own device models and implement their own proprietary ingredients to run in this kind of full system simulation environment.


To learn more and to get access to Simics and list of available Simics IA models, please visit Wind River Simics product page.


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