Reduce Cost and Complexity

Mounting system costs and complexity are increasingly hampering industrial productivity, effectiveness, and uptime. A significant cost stems from the inefficiencies created by the growing number and variety of systems in industrial environments. For instance, system proliferation is consuming precious space and straining IT resources, especially when systems have unique support requirements for configuration, backups, spares, and software patching.

Efficiency can be improved when multiple industrial functions are consolidated onto a single hardware platform, thus decreasing operating expense, system footprint, energy consumption, and integration and support effort. Intel industrial solutions speed the consolidation of individual workloads onto a single system to reduce factory cost, complexity, and footprint while optimizing operational efficiency. Pre-integrated and pre-validated, Intel system consolidation solutions save original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original device manufacturers (ODMs), and system integrators (SIs), integration time and costs, bringing industrial solutions to market faster and more affordably.

Benefits of System Consolidation

By consolidating industrial subsystems, OEMs, ODMs, and SIs can provide substantial benefits to their customers, such as:

  • Lower overall solution cost: A consolidated device should cost less to manufacture than the combined subsystems because it has a smaller bill of materials (BOM).
  • Reduced integration cost: Integration is simplified since the networking, cabling, shielding, and configuration, etc. that connect multiple subsystems together are handled within the system.
  • Smaller factory footprint: Consolidated equipment takes up less factory floor space than the individual systems it replaces.
  • Reduced overall energy consumption: The power efficiency of Intel® Core™ processors, combined with system consolidation, can yield a solution that consumes less power than the individual systems combined.
  • Simpler to secure: There are fewer systems to secure; the attack surface of the factory is reduced; and potentially, there is a smaller variety of security solutions to support.
  • Higher reliability: A consolidated system should have a better mean time between failures (MTBF) than a combination of subsystems it replaces because there are fewer points of failure.
  • Easier system management: Factory IT personnel have fewer devices to install, provision, and manage.

Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series

Speed the delivery of virtualized systems with this configurable solution that pre-integrates virtualization and OS software.

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