How to Accelerate IIoT Transformation

Learn about the Relayr Industrial IoT Platform. See how they can provide a flexible, any-to-any, enterprise middleware platform and powerful development tools that enable businesses, municipalities, and organizations of all sizes to rapidly develop and deploy IoT solutions and services that integrate with both legacy and new infrastructures.

Companies from across the spectrum of industries face enormous competitive pressure to innovate with new connected technologies. Furthermore, many businesses are heavily invested in legacy systems and technologies that are cost prohibitive to replace. Even enterprises that are building new systems from the ground up often lack the expertise and capabilities to develop market-ready IoT products and solutions.

The protocol-agnostic relayr cloud platform enables businesses and organizations to build connections between any service, any sensor, any software, and any hardware—legacy or new. This any-to-any, horizontal middleware platform allows every component to communicate as a single system—simplifying the myriad of increasingly complicated services, software, hardware, and management systems available today and accelerating deployment of new IoT solutions and services.

The IoT landscape is filled with a fragmented array of services, software, hardware, protocols, and management systems. The technology-agnostic relayr cloud middleware platform allows any-to-any connections for devices, equipment, protocols, software, and services—helping companies simplify the complexity involved with connecting legacy assets to the cloud and accelerating their transformation to an IoT-enabled future. Accelerating