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Transform Manufacturing with the Internet of Things

Unlocking the $1.95 trillion value1 of the connected factory

Increase efficiency. Lower costs.

  • Scale intelligence within legacy infrastructure in the connected factory
                  Boost uptime
                  Increase efficiency
                  Reduce CAPEX/OPEX
  • Remote security. Manageability features. Intel Security solutions. E.ON forged a new data-based power distribution—all based on Intel® architecture.

Secure 35T GB of data

  • By 20202
    30 billion
    will create
    35 trillion GB of data

    How will the connected factory be secured?
  • Rapidly evolving cyber threats are snuffed thanks to Siemens’ managed security service, powered by McAfee, a division of Intel Security.

Avoid costly downtime

  • 70% of enterprises4 say
    key IoT benefits are
                supply chain visibility
                loss prevention
  • Find security threats and manufacturing glitches early in the connected factory, and reduce development time. See how Intel uses big data to do all these things and more.

Ignite a $2.3T opportunity

  • By 2025
    80% to 100% of manufacturing
    could be using IoT applications

    Economic impact: $900B to $2.3T per year5
  • Intel® Gateway Solutions for the Internet of Things helped Daikin Applied deploy an end-to-end HVAC equipment solution for real-time performance and remote diagnostics.

Optimize the intelligent factory

  • Baosight’s "System of systems" connectivity
                Saves 60% dev time
                Saves 50% dev costs
  • Baosight launched a secure, virtualized solution using the Intel® Industrial Solutions System Consolidation Series for better uptime, efficiency, and yield.

Trust your data

  • Data-driven decision making
    can reap 6% higher productivity gains when data is
    trusted and secured6
  • Commercial trucks are more efficient thanks to Vnomics’s use of Intel® Atom processors and hundreds of truck sensors generating real-time, secure vehicle diagnostics.

Simplify development

  • System consolidation in the connected factory can reduce the cost and complexity of industrial automation
  • Simplify development and accelerate time to market7 with Dell PowerEdge* VRTX and Intel® Virtualization Technology, for an easy-to-use, integrated system.

Extract data value

  • Advances in wireless networking
    enable data to be
    collected from sensors
    almost anywhere at any time
  • In a harsh marine environment, Moxa’s computers, based on Intel® architecture, perform mission-critical operations based on real-time data collected from remote sensors.

Deliver new services

  • Infrastructure + environmental data provide situational awareness
    of real-time events
    supporting end-to-end solutions in the connected factory
  • Pecan Street uses Intel® Xeon® processors to analyze customer usage and environmental data, tap into energy usage trends, and advance smart grid technologies.

Secure connected devices

  • The number of
    connected machines
    has grown by ~300%8
    in recent years
  • McAfee has teamed up with Siemens, S&C Electric Company, NEC, and more to offer solutions that keep your data safe. See how Intel and McAfee secure industrial systems.

Seamlessly scale

  • Scalable, end-to-end solutions in the connected factory
    can reliably capture, manage,
    and analyze data
  • Ready for intelligent connected devices? The Intel® Quark X1000 SoC series is a low-power, small-size SoC ideal for industrial, automotive, and wearable devices.

Unleash productivity

  • Internet of Things applications
    can provide productivity
    gains of 5%5
    in the discrete and
    process manufacturing industries
  • Predictive maintenance solutions from the Intel assembly and test manufacturing organization reduce non-genuine yield loss by 25% and preventive maintenance by 50%.


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