Intel Corporation Annual Report 1997

Intel Corporation Annual Report 1997

Intel Corporation Annual Report 1997

Intel Annual Report, 1997

The challenges of 1997 confirm that our long-term strategy for growth and success continues to serve us well.


Intel is committed to continually improving the computing experience for PC users by delivering faster, more powerful processors. The complexity and performance of our microprocessors have increased exponentially over the years, ...making possible dramatic improvements in all kinds of software. From 3D financial charts to lifelike video animation, the software content available on PCs today taps the increased processing power of Intel microprocessors to deliver an exciting, media rich computing experience.

Global markets

In many areas around the world, PCs are not yet as common as they are in the U.S. and Europe. Intel will continue to focus on emerging computer markets worldwide, with initiatives such as our branding programs, which help stimulate demand and educate potential PC users about the benefits of Intel architecture based PCs. We are also working to supply appropriate products in emerging markets, so that consumers and businesses worldwide can take advantage of the power of today’s PCs.


The Intel brand continues to be one of our most important assets. In 1997, the journal Financial World ranked Intel number 8 among worldwide brands, placing us in the company of household names like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Sony. Around the world, our branding programs have helped make people aware of the power and excitement they get when their PC has an Intel processor inside.

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