Wayi Case Study - HPC

Wayi Case Study - HPC

Wayi Case Study - HPC

Reliable IT Infrastructure Secures Advantage in Digital Service

Intel® Xeon® processors boost Wayi International Digital Entertainment’s servers, strengthening their foothold in the gaming industry while giving them overall IT costs saving

• Maintain competitiveness in the industry. Keep up with the marketplace’s demands by ensuring gamers get the most engaging ...entertainment experience, which demands a high level of server reliability and shorter downtime for maintenance.
• Save on IT costs. Extend equipment life cycle to lower the total cost of hardware for the company.
• Seize greater opportunities. Be free from hardware limitations, and pursue developing and acquiring new businesses with a dependable system.

• Use Intel® Xeon® processors. Intel® Virtualization Technology’s advanced capability that offers faster and easier virtualization is proven to have a high level of reliability with low instances of malfunctions, to provide customers an exceptional gaming experience.
• Acquire high-quality equipment. High-quality equipment provides greater stability beyond the warranty period. This allows for coordinated replacement of both hardware and software systems.

IT infrastructure plays a very important role in an enterprise built on e-commerce. This is no exception in the gaming industry. Wayi relies on three data centers spread out across Taiwan, housing over 1,500 servers “Unlike servers used for general business transactions, servers that support the gaming industry need to have greater capacity, and any maintenance downtime has to be shorter than what is acceptable for other industries,” explained Xie An, chief information officer of Wayi’s information centers. “Faced with the need for high-performance computing, and the sheer number of servers in the cluster, the equipment used to provide our core IT infrastructure has to be extremely reliable in order to satisfy the needs of the gamers.

Read the Full Reliable IT Infrastructure Secures Advantage in Digital Service Case Study: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/high-performance-computing/high-performance-computing-xeon-e7-wayi-case-study.html

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