Intel® True Scale Fabric 12800 InfiniBand* Switch: Product Brief

Intel® True Scale Fabric 12800 InfiniBand* Switch: Product Brief

18–864 Port, 40Gbps Modular InfiniBand* Switch

For over 10 years, InfiniBand* networks have been deployed to address the needs of the most demanding High Performance Computing (HPC) applications. The Intel® 12800 InfiniBand* switch is a data center interconnect that links HPC resources using a scalable, 40Gbps, low-latency fabric. Customers can tailor the 12800 modular design to meet present and future needs. The Intel® 12800 switch series delivers exceptional high-speed networking features and functions.

• QDR line rate performance
• Predictable low latency under heavy loads
• Flexible quality of service (QoS) maximizes bandwidth utilization
• Modular configuration flexibility
• Highly reliable and available
• Easy to manage
• Lowest per-port power and cooling requirements

• 18–864 ports of InfiniBand QDR (40Gbps) performance with support for DDR and SDR
• Intel ® True Scale Fabric Architecture with scalable, predictable low latency
• Scales to 51.8Tbps aggregate bandwidth
• Multiple Virtual Lanes (VLs) per physical port
• Supports virtual fabric partitioning
• Fully redundant system design
• Option to use ultra high density (UHD) leafs for maximum connectivity or utra high performance (UHP) leafs for maximum performance
• Integrated chassis management capabilities for installation, configuration, and ongoing monitoring
• Optional Intel® Fabric Suite (IFS) management solution that provides expanded fabric views and fabric tools
• Minimal power and cooling requirements
• Complies with InfiniBand Trade Association* (IBTA*) version 1.2 specification
• RoHS 6 compliant

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