1)      Registration of service:

        a.    All software service renewals will be automatically registered to the product for which they are purchased.
                i.    An Intel representative may contact the purchaser to verify information required for registration.

        b.    All hardware service renewals must be paired and registered to a valid hardware product. See the listing of valid product and service pairings.
                i.    An Intel representative may contact the purchaser to verify the pairing.

2)      Length of service:

        a.    Service renewals for products under an end of life (EOL) notice shall comply with the terms of the EOL notice. Information on product EOL:
                i.    End-Of-Life Notice: SDR Switch Components
                ii.    End-Of-Life Notice: InfiniBand* DDR Switches
                iii.   End-Of-Life Notice: InfiniBand SDR and DDR HCAs
                iv.   End-Of-Life Notice: Mellanox re-branded InfiniBand DDR HCAs

        b.    Service renewals for products not under an end of life (EOL) notice may not extend service beyond 5 years from the date of renewal order. Additional limitations to service renewals may apply.

        c.    Cancellation of service is not supported.

3)      Service coverage and lapse of service:

        a.    Hardware Service:
                i.     All hardware service must be continuous from date of purchase.
                ii.    Renewals are granted a 90-day grace period from last expiration of service or warranty and will begin when the last service or warranty expired.
                iii.    Renewals after the 90-day grace period will be charged a “restoration fee.” Please refer to the service restoration information page for more information.

        b.      Software Service:
                i.      There is no requirement for continuous service for software products.
                ii.      There is no restoration fee for late renewals.
                        1.    Late renewal periods begin on the date of renewal purchase.


4)      Upgrades:

        a.       Warranty upgrades are only valid concurrent with H/W purchase.
                i.   1-year warranty upgrades apply only to upgrading base warranty service level and do not extend the term of the warranty.
                ii.   3-year warranty upgrades apply to the base warranty and extend coverage an additional 2 years.


5)      Portability:

        a.    All service levels are not available in all geographical regions. Before purchasing service, or relocating equipment, customers should read the Service Geography Information document to verify availability of service. 


6)      Validation:

        a.    Prior to acceptance, all service orders are reviewed to assure they meet the above requirements. Orders not meeting the above requirements will not be processed. 


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