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Intel® Omni-Path Architecture Documents

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture Multimedia

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture Documents
White Papers and Case Studies  

Economics of HPC Fabrics with Intel® OPA

White Paper: Provides an overview of Intel® OPA, identifying key features and cost-effective product offerings.

Intel® OPA: Higher Performance for HPC Fabric

Solution Brief: Maximize performance with a fast, scalable HPC fabric framework that can reduce infrastructure needs.

A New High Performance Computing Fabric

White Paper: Intersect360 analyzes Intel® Omni-Path Architecture as an alternative interconnect fabric.

Product Information  

Intel® Omni-Path Director Class Switches

Product Brief: Deliver high performance with breakthrough cost models, while simultaneously reducing space and power requirements.

Intel® Omni-Path Fabric Edge Switches

Product Brief: Describes innovative features that take fabric resilience and availability to new heights without sacrificing performance.

Intel® Omni-Path Host Fabric Adapters

Product Brief: Designed for HPC, with low power consumption, and an advanced “on-load” design that automatically scales fabric performance.

Intel® Omni-Path Architecture Multimedia

Maximize HPC with Intel® Omni-Path Fabric

Experience how features such as Traffic Flow Optimization help maximize HPC performance and scalability.

RSC HPC Technology Benefits Business and Profits

See how RSC Group uses Intel® Omni-Path Fabric to benefit business and improve profitability.

Cabot Partners and the Benefits of Intel® OP

Srini Chari talks about high-performance fabric and the needs of tomorrow’s high-performance computing.

Intersect360 Research Talks HPC with Intel® Omni-Path Fabric

Addison Snell talks about high-performance fabric, which offers performance, reliability, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Supermicro: High Performance Computing with Intel

Supermicro delivers high performance quickly with Intel® technology to improve HPC data transfers while lowering latency.

Altair Improves HPC and Simulation Capabilities

Altair incorporates Intel® technology to optimize HPC applications and offer high scalability with backwards compatibility.

DDN Omni-Connect* and Intel® Omni-Path Fabric

DDN’s Molly Rector discusses a converged storage solution that works with Intel® Omni-Path Fabric.

Cray and Intel Develop Faster HPC Facilities

Cray VP Ryan White discusses how Intel® Omni-Path Fabric helps improve HPC communication and latency.

University of Cambridge and Intel Partner in HPC

Cambridge University researches HPC solutions using Intel® Omni-Path Fabric to improve system scalability and latency.

Lenovo Shares HPC with Intel® Omni-Path Fabric

Scott Tease talks about democratizing HPC and the industry benefits of using Intel® Omni-Path Fabric.

Intel® Omni-Path Fabric and Penguin Computing

Phil Pokorny talks about the critical part fabric plays in HPC clustering and the benefits of using Intel® Omni-Path Fabric.

Intel® Omni-Path Builds Bridges at Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Addison Snell, CEO of Intersect360 Research, speaks with Nick Nystrom, Ph.D., and Barry Davis about PSC's impressive Bridges system.

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Intel® Omni-Path Fabric improves scalability and connectivity of PSC’s Bridges* supercomputer.

Texas Advanced Computing Center



Intel® True Scale Fabric Documents  
White Papers and Case Studies  

Heterogeneous HPC Cluster

Case Study: A heterogeneous cluster at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute triples big data workload performance with Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® True Scale Fabric.

Benchmarks for Intel® True Scale Fabric

White Paper: Summarizes three lab benchmarks that concluded new scalability and performance levels.

Enhanced HPC Architecture and Performance

White Paper: MPI message rating, end-to-end latency, and performance with Intel® True Scale Fabric.

ANSYS Fluent* CFD Software Performance

White Paper: Discusses the performance gains of scaling with Intel® True Scale Fabric and Intel® Xeon® processors.

Product Information  

Intel® True Scale Fabric

Overview: Features and app performance for HPC cluster implementations across large node counts.

Intel® Xeon Phi™ Coprocessor and Intel® True Scale Fabric

Overview: Specifies Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor HW and SW environment and compares performance data.

Intel® True Scale Fabric 12200 InfiniBand Switch

Product Brief: Made to cost-effectively support a 36 server cluster, the 36-port fixed configuration switch delivers high-speed networking features and functions.

Intel® True Scale Fabric 12300 InfiniBand Switch

Product Brief: Designed to cost-effectively link workgroup resources in a cluster, the Intel® 12300 InfiniBand Switch delivers high-speed networking features in HPC.

Intel® True Scale Fabric 12800 InfiniBand Switch

Product Brief: Deployed to meet demanding HPC needs, the 18 to 864-port, 40Gbps modular InfiniBand switch delivers scalable low-latency with networking features.

Intel® True Scale Fabric QLE7300 Series

Product Brief: Designed specifically for HPC, the single-port, dual-port InfiniBand to PCI Express* adapters deliver scalable performance for demanding workloads.