Upgrade EHR With Scalable Data Center Solutions

Meet patient and system demand for in-sync electronic records with scalable data center technology.

Keep healthcare synchronized and scalable with Intel-powered electronic health record solutions that are cost-effective and scalable.

Health systems worldwide are facing increasing pressure from many directions. Both patients and systems require high quality, economical care that’s coordinated and synchronized. Thanks to these increasing demands, the volume of medical data is skyrocketing. Using solutions from Intel and VMware, healthcare administrators can keep up with a tide of user requests and database costs thanks to advanced electronic health record platforms.

Many healthcare systems are still using legacy RISC-based platforms; unfortunately, most of these systems are unable to withstand the high-throughput required by contemporary EHR requirements. An Intel® architecture-based EHR refresh can be a game-changer. Upgrading to relational database software and hardware utilizing the latest Xeon processors results in a generational performance increase of 17 percent.

As data loads increase, data centers need to be more efficient and scalable. The Intel® Xeon® processor E7 v4 can host 35 percent more vCPUs than previous generations, enabling hospitals to adapt and evolve with a much smaller footprint. This scalability leads to major gains in the total cost of ownership.

Hospital administrators should expect the same level of reliability and quality from their data centers as any other enterprise. Intel solutions deliver the availability, serviceability, and dependability that businesses have come to expect. Our processors, memory, and input/output data paths are second to none, and cost-effective to boot.

It’s unrealistic to expect that administrators will have familiarity with RISC-based platforms and databases. Healthcare deserves a management platform that’s accessible and secure. x86 architecture provides that compatibility. With Intel solutions, installation is quick, training requirements are low, and disaster recovery is more manageable than ever before.

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