Security Readiness Program

When it comes to privacy and security, breaches and ransomware are top of mind among HLS (Health and Life Sciences) organizations around the world. Many ransomware attacks and breaches are untargeted, opportunistic, and tend to affect organizations that are lagging in security and relatively vulnerable. It is now more important than ever to ensure your security meets, and better yet, exceeds industry standards.

Intel Health and Life Sciences pilot program

Intel Health and Life Sciences, along with over 40 industry partners, is currently running a global program offering complimentary and confidential security readiness workshops to enable HLS organizations to benchmark their security against the industry, and peer HLS organizations of similar locale, type, and size. Confidential, encrypted security readiness reports received by organizations participating in this program enable them to determine if they are lagging, on par, or leading the industry and peers. In the event they are lagging, this report also enables them to see specifically where they have security capability gaps that are not common across the industry and peers. This is high quality actionable information that in turn can be used by security teams to prioritize future security initiatives, and rally support and allocation of resources required to address gaps. Security readiness reports also show participants how their capabilities and gaps relate to security and privacy regulations, data protection laws, and standards, including HIPAA, NIST, PCI DSS, CIS, GDPR, ISO2700x, ISO80001, and EU MDR 2017/745. This enables organizations to see how addressing a gap may also help with compliance.

A security readiness workshop is a one-hour meeting, conducted by Intel or an industry partner, after which participating organizations will receive a complimentary and confidential security readiness report. This extensive, data rich report shows how the organization’s security compares with the HLS industry, and peer organizations of a similar locale, type, and size. Analytics in the report received include security maturity, readiness and priorities across the 8 most common types of breaches, and security capabilities across 42 key safeguards, compared to the HLS industry and peers. Key analytics provided in the security readiness report include:

  • Your security maturity score
  • Where you may be over- or under- prioritizing different types of breaches
  • Your readiness across 8 breach types, and percentile score compared to your benchmark set
  • Where you have significant gaps and opportunities for improvement across 42 key security capabilities
  • How your capabilities and gaps relate to security and privacy regulations, data protection laws, and standards

For additional information on the security readiness program, please review the Intel Healthcare Security Readiness Program Overview.

sample Security Readiness Report is also available for your preview.

Any HLS organization worldwide including providers, payers, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and business associates or data processors are eligible to participate in the security readiness program. Over 150 HLS organizations across 9 countries are already participating in this program. You can see highlights of the HLS industry level, aggregate, anonymous results of the security readiness program in the Healthcare Security Readiness – Global Industry Highlights Whitepaper including how HLS organizations are prioritizing breach types, distributions of security readiness scores for each breach type, and the level of implementation of 42 key security capabilities across the industry. The latest detailed industry level results of this program are also available in the Global HLS Industry Security Readiness Report. These results are based on high quality data, acquired by trained security assessors, with verified HLS organizations and security teams, and participating HLS organizations can update their assessment data at any time.

Whether you are an HLS organization interested in learning more about receiving a complimentary and confidential security readiness workshop, or whether you are an industry partner interested in exploring collaboration opportunities with this program, we invite you to contact us at