Thin Mini-ITX Based PC System Design Guide

Thin Mini-ITX Based PC System Design Guide

Thin Mini-ITX Based PC System Design Guide

Thin Mini-ITX-based PC: System Design Guide


Purpose / Scope
This document outlines possible solutions to creating a system utilizing a Thin Mini-ITX motherboard, as specified in the Mini-ITX Addendum To The microATX Motherboard Interface Specification Version 1.2. It will focus on the electrical, mechanical, and thermal interfaces between a Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge or ...Cedar Trail based Thin Mini-ITX motherboard, and its enclosure and peripherals.

Compliance with the guidance outlined in this document enables chassis and Thin Mini-ITX motherboards that can be interchangeably used between systems. This increases the system design options using a building block approach, while mitigating the need for custom solutions.

Revision 1.2 of this document Design Guide includes changes that are intended to improve the interoperability and system integration experience based on the thin mini ITX motherboard standard. When designing a chassis based on this revision of the design guide, a chassis manufacturer should take into consideration whether to accommodate motherboards in production prior to this document revision. Motherboard designs based on revision 1.0 of this document are generally expected to be compatible with Chassis designs based on later revisions, however issues could include cable length mismatch due to tightening of the connector placement zones in revision 1.1.

Thin Mini-ITX motherboards evolve the standard Mini-ITX form factor in to even smaller system designs. They are especially useful in segments that place a premium on small, slim chassis. Typical usages of such chassis are:
• All In One (AIO) PCs
• Stackable home theater PC to be size compatible with the standard width of AV components such as DVD players and receivers
• VESA* mountable Thin PC
• Digital signage PC (Built inside or behind a TV or other display)

In this design guide, particular attention is given to slim, sub-4 liter Tiny PCs, and All In One PCs.

Read the full Thin Mini-ITX-based PC: System Design Guide.

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