Wafer Manufacturing

Intel Custom Foundry leverages the assets of Intel and offers them to customers. We have fabrication facilities in the United States, Ireland, Israel, and China. This coupled with our Copy Exactly! methodology means our customers benefit from early and ample supply for leading edge wafers. You can rely on the fact that multiple fabs will run the same process for business continuity and risk mitigation. Additionally our customers' products benefit from fast manufacturing ramps resulting in significant time-to-market and time-to-yield advantages. 

Manufacturing Scale and Breadth

Unrivaled manufacturing scale from the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer 

We have the world’s most advanced factory network with multiple factories producing on leading edge nodes at any given time. Products manufactured in any of the fabs across Intel’s factory network are of equivalent manufacturability, performance, yield, quality, and reliability, allowing us to ramp products in multiple fabs, achieving high yields quickly and without re-qualification. Customers can fully exercise capacity across the factory network to ensure leading edge silicon supply, eliminate the risk of single source fab, increase flexibility in supply-chain management, and increase agility in response to market upside.

Copy Exactly! and Risk Mitigation

Qualification of our network of fabs

A key enabler for high yielding ramps in a network of matched factories has been our renowned Copy Exactly! methodology. It has been in practice for over two decades and over several process generations. It has helped provide significant manufacturing network management flexibility at very low cost/impact to product teams. We will work with customers to help extract the full value of our manufacturing methodologies to:

  • Deliver product from multiple production sites with the same quality
  • Provide manufacturing flexibility to mitigate any disruption risks

Industry Leading Yield Ramp 

We have a tightly coupled research, development, and manufacturing pipeline where process development is done in development fabs that have the same matched environment as any of our production fabs. Intel’s technology transfer and fab certification approach ensures a seamless process transfer from development to high volume manufacturing.

Intel as an integrated device manufacturer (IDM) has another key advantage when it comes to ramping customer yields versus pure play foundries. Intel’s lead CPU products clear the way for other products to follow. The lead product makes each aspect of our platform offerings proven. Design for manufacturing learnings drives improvements in both process and methodologies. Follow on products then start very high on the yield learning curve and continue their journey to high volume manufacturing yield levels.

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