Synopsys, Inc. provides intellectual properties (IP) and design flows for Intel's 10 nanometer (nm), 14 nm, and 22 nm tri-gate process technologies for use by customers of Intel Custom Foundry. Intel® tri-gate technology is a proprietary 3D transistor technology with the gate surrounding the channel on all three sides of the transistor. It provides designers with dramatic performance, power and area benefits for their products vs. previous generations of transistors.

Recent Announcements

Synopsys and Intel Custom Foundry employed a PowerVR® GT7200 GPU design from Imagination Technologies™ to deliver a certified solution for Intel Custom Foundry’s most advanced 10nm process technology that offers superior PPA (Power, Performance and Area). Customers of Intel Custom Foundry now have access to the 10nm system-on-chip (SoC) design methodology based on Synopsys Galaxy Design Platform, anchored by IC Compiler™ II.

Featured Collaborations

Memory IP

Synopsys and Intel have worked together deliver silicon-proven advanced IP, including DesignWare* memory compilers, DDR4/3 PHYs, and DDR3/2 PHYs, optimized for Intel's unique tri-gate process.

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Design Flows

The Intel Custom Foundry 14 nm design platform supports Synopsys' industry-leading Galaxy Design Platform* tools and RTL-to-GDSII methodology. The Galaxy Design Platform provides a holistic solution in tightly integrated tool chains, enabling a seamless flow. Intel and Synopsys collaborated closely in developing this enablement to ensure that the tools meet the challenging tri-gate requirements and model the complexities involved.

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