Process Technology

Intel Custom Foundry’s primary value proposition lies in our leadership silicon technologies. This translates into four key values that we bring to our customers:

Best transistors
We offer a variety of transistors spanning the full spectrum of power and performance to cover the needs of the widest variety of computing devices. These range from the most performance hungry devices in the data center to systems on chips (SOCs) that are on the strictest of power diets and everything in between. We carefully optimize technology options for our target market segments.

Decreasing cost per transistor
The complexity is increasing faster due to lithographic capability constraints resulting in increased cost. To compensate for this cost increase, our innovations have successfully produced larger-than-normal area scaling, decreasing the cost per transistor. This accelerated area scaling is a substantial advantage in cost per transistor for our foundry customers.

Faster time to market
We have consistently been about three and a half years ahead of the nearest competitor in introducing trend-setting and revolutionary transistor technologies which enable break-through power, performance, area benefits and the ability to launch products that leap ahead of competition. 

Confidence in pursuit of Moore’s Law
It has been getting harder and harder to simultaneously deliver the two most important promises of Moore’s Law: improvements in performance per watt and cost per transistor. However, harder is not the same as impossible. We are increasing our efforts and continue to expect more from Moore’s Law than ever before. This determination is supported by an innovation pipeline fueled by one of the largest semiconductor research and development (R&D) budgets in the world. Our customers can confidently rely on us to meet their aggressive product roadmaps well into the future.

22 nm process
World’s FinFET technology offering a one generation lead in power and performance
Our 22 nm is the only tri-gate offering at 20 or 22 nm node in the industry, with power and performance a generation ahead of competitive technology.

22FFL (FinFET Low Power) process
FinFET Technology for the mainstream
22FFL offers a blend of high-performance and ultralow-power transistors combined with simplified interconnects and simpler design rules to deliver a versatile FinFET design platform for low- power and mobile products. Intel Custom Foundry offers the 22FFL process to customers through a platform that includes broad silicon- validated IP portfolios and fully integrated turnkey foundry services and support. 

14 nm process
2nd generation tri-gate technology customized for high performance (GP) and low power (LP)
Intel’s 14 nm process provides improved performance and reduced leakage power that enables a broad range of products. Intel Custom Foundry offers the Intel 14 nm process to customers through two design platforms: 14GP (general purpose) and 14LP (low power). These platforms include broad silicon-validated IP portfolios and fully integrated turnkey foundry services and support.

10 nm process
Delivering the highest logic transistor density in the industry through the use of hyper scaling
Intel’s 10 nm process utilizes third-generation FinFET technology and is estimated to be a full generation ahead of other “10 nm” technologies. Intel Custom Foundry offers the Intel 10 nm process to customers through two design platforms: 10GP (general purpose) and 10HPM (high performance mobile). These platforms include broad silicon- validated IP portfolios, ARM Libraries and POP Kits, and fully integrated turnkey foundry services and support.

Process Technology Overview

Process 22 nm General Purpose (GP) 14 nm GP 14 nm Low Power (LP)
Transistors 3 Vts 3 Vts 5 Vts
Libraries Short Short and tall Short and tall
IP Portfolio Communications infrastructure / FPGA / consumer Communications infrastructure / FPGA Mobile / consumer
Packaging Higher performance and low cost, small form factor Higher performance Lower cost, small form factor
Design Kits Industry standard tools / flows Industry standard tools / flows Industry standard tools / flows
I/O Device 1.2 V, 1.8 V 1.2 V, 1.8 V 1.2 V, 1.8 V
Memory Bitcell High performance
Low voltage
High density
High performance
Low voltage
High density
High performance
Low voltage
High density

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