Leadership in Package Technology

Advanced packaging solutions meet the ever increasing needs at advanced processes

Integration and Enablement
Packaging technology continues to advance along with silicon scaling

Intel’s drive to deliver world-class product solutions has established it as a leader in all aspects of chip technology, including package and assembly—an area in which it has the largest technology research and development (R&D) groups in the world. Our package and assembly development is done in the same factory environment, using the same equipment, as our high volume manufacturing factories, so that our package assembly technology can be directly transferred to production lines. Our customers have early access to leading edge packaging technologies that have been readied for deployment at very high volume scale.

Intel Custom Foundry offers a range of packaging technologies to meet a diversity of needs across form factors and market segments, including Flip Chip BGA, LGA, PGA, CSP, and package-on-package technologies. We are also on the forefront in leading edge and cost effective multi chip packaging developed to meet the needs for high performance, functionality, and integration.

Multi-chip packaging
Intel is a leader in multi-chip packaging (MCP) technology, which allows for integration of multi-die devices in a single package. Integration can be enabled by high-performance, heterogeneous, multi-die interconnect technology, providing the benefit of traditional 2.5D and 3D approaches in a more cost-effective manner. These solutions can address the performance, memory bandwidth, and thermal challenges across multiple segments.

The Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB)
The Embedded Multi-die Interconnect Bridge (EMIB) is a breakthrough in advanced packaging technology for very high density interconnects between heterogeneous die in a package. EMIB technology avoids a silicon interposer by using a silicon “bridge” for chip to chip interconnect. This results in significant reduction in manufacturing complexity and cost for high bandwidth, multichip integrated solutions.

Thermal solutions
Intel offers innovative thermal solutions for both package and system cooling needs. This includes development of very high-conductive, thermal-interface materials.

Electrical performance
Containment of signal noise is a significant challenge for devices operating in the multi-GHz range or using high speed interconnects. Intel is at the forefront of the development of advanced substrate materials, design techniques, and integrated solutions. We also offer design tools and techniques to meet the ever-increasing challenges of high speed and high bandwidth interconnects.

Our packaging technologies benefit from having in-house design and manufacturing teams that can work together to co-optimize solutions across the entire spectrum of market segments, from enterprise to mobile markets.

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