Package Assembly Offering and Services

Intel Custom Foundry offers a range of packaging technologies to meet a diversity of needs across form factors and market segments, including Flip Chip BGA, LGA, PGA, CSP and package on package technologies. We are also on the forefront in leading edge and cost effective multi chip packaging developed for high performance, functionality and integration. 

Package Offering

Package Feature Flip Chip BGA Specs Flip Chip CSP Specs
Package configuration Heat spreader and bare die Overmolded and bare die
Package body size Joint Electron Devices Engineering Council (JEDEC) MS-034 packages and custom body sizes Typically up to 15 mm
Layer stack-up Multiple stack-up options Multiple stack-up options
Solder ball pattern Standard JEDEC variations and custom patterns Standard JEDEC  variations and custom patterns
Package routing (line/space) Minimum 9/12 Minimum 9/12
Typical 20/20
L2 package solder ball Lead-free Lead-free
Package core thickness Standard 700um and custom 400um Standard 200, 100, 60um or coreless
Multi-chip packaging Yes Package on package offering

Package Assembly

Intel Custom Foundry offers a full range of in-house package assembly services. As Intel continues to lead in silicon technology, it is essential for packaging solutions to keep up the pace. As a result, we are on the leading edge of packaging, materials and assembly processes pushing the boundaries of performance, geometries, and ecologically friendly solutions. Intel continues to provide world class yields and manufacturing, and Intel Custom Foundry customers get the benefit of leveraging these assembly capabilities that lead to the quality and yield standards expected by Intel. 

Package Design Services

We offer a full range of package design services that are fully integrated in the technology development and staffed with a team of experienced product package engineers. A key aspect is our systems approach evolved from our IDM heritage, where we collaborate closely with customers on holistic die-package design and integration to ensure a fully optimized product.

We have extensive high performance, high power, and “Large” Die/Package design experience, and complete package electrical and thermal models — a critical differentiator for designs requiring high speed interfaces. Similarly our materials group with experience in proprietary Thermal Interface Material design is a leader in material behavior and characterization, offering the highest thermal performance results available in the industry.

We also have designed some of the most cost effective and smallest packages in the industry.  Our leverage and access to leading edge materials has allowed us to introduce solutions that break traditional conventions with some of the thinnest and most dense solutions in the industry. Our co-design methodology is aimed to maximize the cost effectiveness and performance for our customer's products. 

Service Offering

Service Description
Electrical Signal Integrity Modeling Fully validated package-level high-frequency transmission-line models provided for each critical interface.
Package-level high-frequency S-parameter modeling and analysis performed to demonstrate that the package design meets specs / targets.
Electrical Power Delivery Modeling Power Delivery analysis performed for both AC and DC to determine optimized package design for I/O and Core power delivery, including decoupling capacitor solution and power/ground plane design.
Lumped Package Power Delivery RLC model available to customer for system analysis.
Thermal Modeling Standard: Component thermal model and analysis
Custom: Board/system level thermal model
Package to Board Enabling Validated package to board SMT process recipe
Custom: SMT process recipe for custom board or custom SMT material

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