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Mentor Graphics provides circuit simulations and sign-off tools for Intel's 14 nm tri-gate process technology for use by customers of Intel Custom Foundry. Intel® tri-gate technology is a proprietary 3D transistor technology with the gate surrounding the channel on all three sides of the transistor. It provides designers with dramatic performance, power and area benefits for their products vs. previous generations of transistors.

Recent Announcements

Mentor Graphics announced that Intel Custom Foundry is expanding its 14 nm platform offering to include reliability verification based on the Calibre PERC* platform for its customers. Intel and Mentor Graphics jointly developed an initial set of electrical checks to help improve IC dependability, and are also collaborating to add additional check types over time for foundry customers on Intel’s 14 nm process.

Featured Collaboration: Design Flows

Mentor Graphic's circuit simulation and sign-off tools are fully enabled for Intel's 14 nm tri-gate process technology for customers of Intel Custom Foundry. The Calibre nmDRC* and Calibre nmLVS* platforms help teams optimize their designs to meet process requirements, providing industry-leading cycle time and physical verification accuracy. The Analog FastSPICE* circuit simulator for nanometer analog, mixed-signal and RF verification delivers foundry-certified SPICE accuracy and industry-leading performance, capacity and device noise analysis. Customers are now able to apply these differentiated capabilities to designs targeted on Intel Custom Foundry's design platform.

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