Intel Foundry Services Accelerator - Design Ecosystem Alliance

Accelerate your innovation into silicon.

Intel Foundry Services Accelerator is an alliance designed to help Intel’s foundry customers bring their silicon products from idea to implementation. The alliance enables an ecosystem of best-in-class Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Silicon IP, and Design Service providers to deliver a seamless interface with Intel’s process technologies. Through deep collaboration, the Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Accelerator taps the best capabilities available in the industry to accelerate customer innovation on IFS manufacturing platforms.

IFS Accelerator provides customers a comprehensive suite for their design needs:

  • Powerful, validated EDA solutions optimized for Intel’s technology and manufacturing, covering the full spectrum from concept to high-volume silicon production
  • A comprehensive, silicon-verified, and Intel process-specific IP portfolio including standard cell libraries, embedded memories, general purpose I/Os, analog IP and interface IP
  • Design services partners that allow customers to focus on creating unique product ideas, assigning implementation tasks to rigorously trained designers well-versed on Intel technology
  • Leading cloud service providers and EDA partners offering co-optimized solutions to enable design-on-the-cloud