Design Flows and Kits

We have complete design kits for both application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) (digital) and full custom (analog and mixed signal) design. Our process design kits (PDKs) contain collateral in industry standard formats and provide complete industry standard tool flow environment.

Our design kits are the most comprehensive available for tri-gate transistors and multi-patterning. They include effects that could only be recognized through multiple generations of technology use and methodology improvement. We use comprehensive transistor models that have been formulated from the ground up to incorporate effects unknown in earlier technologies. We also provide sophisticated fill routines to deal with the challenges of multi-patterning and a wide variety of correct-by-construction cells to simplify layout. The learning we have gained by using our own technology has been instrumental in refining our tools and recommended design flows.

The design kits are augmented for the use of industry leading tools from many EDA vendors when dictated by customer preference or when our experience with the advanced technology warrants their introduction. This is especially true with regards to reliability and DFM.

We continue to refine our design flows and methologies based on silicon learning and continue to reflect those learning on industry leading EDA tools. We will also continue expand our support for industry leading tools.

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