Cadence Design Systems, Inc. provides intellectual properties (IP) and design flows for Intel's 14 nanometer (nm) and 22 nm tri-gate process technology for use by customers of Intel Custom Foundry. Intel® tri-gate technology is a proprietary 3D transistor technology with the gate surrounding the channel on all three sides of the transistor. It provides designers with dramatic performance, power and area benefits for their products versus previous generations of transistors. 

Recent Announcements

Intel Custom Foundry and Cadence announce the certification for the 14 nm signoff and implementation tools using Imagination’s PowerVR* Series GPU. This will enable Intel Custom Foundry customers to increase tool Quality of Results (QOR), accuracy, performance, and flow interoperability.

Featured Collaborations

Hard IP

Cadence is also delivering the LPDDR4-3200 PHY for Intel Custom Foundry's 14 nm Low Power design platform. This latest and most advanced memory PHY IP realizes the full capabilities of LPDDR4 technology. Cadence LPDDR4-3200 PHY IP is backward compatible with LPDDR3 memories and supports memory on PCB systems, making it ideal for the mobile market, which demands high memory performance, low power, low cost and compact systems.

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Design Flows

Cadence and Intel have together enabled custom/analog and digital flows built on a suite of Cadence tools. Using these design flows, customers can leverage the power, performance and area benefits of Intel's 14 nm process technology.

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Library Characterization

Cadence offers the Virtuoso Liberate* characterization suite and Spectre* circuit simulator to enable Intel Custom Foundry customers to re-characterize and validate the logic libraries for custom process, voltage, or temperature corners.

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