ASIC Design Services and Support

We offer a world-class application-specific integrated service (ASIC) design service to customers who are looking for proven design expertise and experience developing complex ASICs on our latest and most advanced silicon technology. The ASIC development team builds early expertise on the latest technology and the associated IP integration through execution of a roadmap of IP test chips in support of our IP enablement activities.  In addition, this team has the added advantage of leveraging the latest product development methods and practices used and validated during the development of Intel’s own lead products on a given silicon technology node. These advantages give our customers the most optimum time-to-market opportunity in leveraging our leading edge silicon technology. The key ingredients and services offered to our customers seeking ASIC design services include:


  • ASIC physical design implementation of design blocks
  • Floorplanning of the ASIC design and physical integration and verification of the full chip design database
  • Timing and design robustness verification of the ASIC design
  • DFX implementation and verification
  • Global and local clock distribution implementation and verification
  • Power delivery implementation and verification
  • Clearly-defined design workflow, including design milestones and handoffs between customer and ASIC design service team

Even if you don’t use our ASIC design services for design implementation, you will have access to our designers’ intimate experience with our silicon process technologies, the design flows enabled on these technologies, and our diverse IP portfolio. This experience is captured in and delivered to our customers through clear documentation, training, and direct hands-on support from our ASIC design team.

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