Ansys, Inc.

ANSYS offers solutions for System-on-Chip (SoC) power and electromigration (EM) sign-off for Intel's 14 nanometer (nm) and 22 nm tri-gate process technology for use by customers of Intel Custom Foundry. Intel® tri-gate technology is a proprietary 3D transistor technology with the gate surrounding the channel on all three sides of the transistor. It provides designers with dramatic performance, power, and area benefits for their products versus previous generations of transistors.

Recent Announcements

ANSYS and Intel are collaborating to enable the delivery of large, robust and high-performance systems on a chip for Intel Custom Foundry customers. Delivered as part of the collaboration are EM and power (IR) reference flow for Intel's 14 nm process family and the certification of ANSYS RedHawk* and ANSYS Totem*.


Featured Collaboration: Design Flows

ANSYS and Intel Custom Foundry teams developed reference flows around ANSYS RedHawk* for system on chip power and EM sign-off, ANSYS Totem* for custom intellectual property power and EM integrity and ANSYS PathFinder* for full-chip ESD validation. This collaboration extends the previous 22 nm effort to now include the 14 nm design platform.

Learn more about the ANSYS Design Flows via

Learn more about the ANSYS Design Flows via

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