The Intel Foundation matches the time that Intel employees and Intel U.S. retirees spend volunteering in schools and non-profits with a cash donation through the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program. For more information on the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program, please go to

Deadline to submit volunteer hours is January 15 of the following calendar year (e.g., 2017 hours must be submitted by January 15, 2018). Any hours submitted after that date will not be eligible for the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program for that year. Grant payments will be sent to recipients in Q2.

Intel Involved, Intel's volunteer program managed by Public Affairs, encourages employees to take an active role in their communities. Intel Involved is available to blue badge employees and U.S. retirees only, and participation is entirely optional.

Intel Involved data is managed on behalf of the Public Affairs Group by an external third-party vendor. If you choose to participate in the program, your WWID, name, email address, and department information will be transferred to the vendor and will be refreshed each time new hours are reported. The vendor will not transfer or sell your personal information or use it for any other purposes. Volunteer records associated with school and non-profit grants will be kept in the database for seven years to fulfill tax requirements. By completing the information below and clicking "Submit," you are agreeing to this statement.

All fields required unless otherwise noted.

By clicking "Submit," I certify that at the time of the volunteer activity, I qualified as an eligible retiree of Intel Corporation. I further certify that these volunteer hours are my personal contribution and that neither I nor any member of my family received or will accept a benefit in return for or as a results of these volunteer hours.

I certify that the volunteer hours were used in accordance with the program's guidelines.

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