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Retail Banking Technologies

Reach new levels of service, efficiency, and security

New technologies make it easier for retail banks to attract and engage customers in a range of environments. As banks use these technologies to transform customer experiences across their product and service offerings, they can benefit in other ways as well.

Retail banks are turning to Intel® technologies to target customers with more effective, measurable results. They’re capturing cost savings through improved power efficiency and remote management. And they’re moving to cloud-ready platforms that allow them to access data and interconnect operations in intelligent and secure ways.

Adapting messages with the Intel® Audience Impression Metric Suite.

Featured technology: Intel® AIM Suite

The Intel® Audience Impression Metric (Intel® AIM Suite) transforms digital displays into situation-aware systems that can quickly adapt messages to changing audiences. Displays equipped with this technology sense when a customer is approaching, then determine factors such as gender and approximate age to adapt messages accordingly.

Intelligent interfaces

Interactive tools such as digital signage can personalize the banking experience at ATMs, guide visitors inside bank branches, and attract new customers at standalone locations such as malls and airports. Meanwhile, banking apps on smartphones and tablets further extend the banking experience. Customers can use them to exchange information with digital displays, manage accounts, compare products, and more. In addition, branch employees can use many of these same tools as educational aids to demonstrate products and services.

Responsive architectures

Digital signs and banking systems based on the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor family deliver the processing power to run complex computing tasks, play HD video, and more—all while reducing energy requirements and cutting costs. It’s a flexible platform on which a full range of services can be delivered—and managed remotely using Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT).

Secure, versatile databases

As you expand your banking operations to new devices, applications, and engagement models, you place increasing demands on your ability to store, process, and protect consumer data. The Intel® Xeon® processor family meets these challenges. You’ll combine power, agility, and built-in security for a versatile, cloud-ready data center that scales to your changing needs.

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Retail Banking

Intel® AMT Demo

See the benefits of remote manageability and proactive security.

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