Speed Up Data Analysis with Intel® Solutions

You can tap into the tsunami of data by transforming your information infrastructure into a more flexible, distributed, and open environment with plenty of power. Intel provides cost-effective, high-performance solutions for the insurance industry that comply with government standards for security.

Improve your bottom line and target your customer marketing with Intel® technology solutions for insurance providers. Data mining helps identify best prospects, and powerful Intel® architecture solutions serve up the analysis you need to act quickly and cost-effectively with new opportunities.

Insurance Solutions

Growth of wearables and IoT offers the potential to insurance companies to capture population health data and realize the benefits of big data analytics.

Solution brief

Business brief

Reimagine your business with next-generation big data intelligence, powered by Intel® architecture-based solutions.

Real-time analytics

Predictive analysis

Enable both efficiency and security at every level with Intel®-based cloud solutions for financial services.

Minimizing risk

Stay productive and secure and connect with your clients on the go with Intel®-based mobile solutions.

Breaking barriers with 2 in 1s

Reinvent the insurance customer relationship through powerful, real-time data management analytics.

Reinventing the insurance customer relationship

Reference architecture

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