Session Descriptions

Below are the descriptions of the presentations, panels, and roundtable discussions to be held throughout SHIFT 2017.

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9:05 AM

Business Advice We Don't Believe in Anymore

Major developments in five parallel, interdependent areas—data, algorithms, networks, cloud, and exponential improvements in digital hardware—have unleashed a wave of innovation that is being harnessed by insightful organizations all over the world. Drawing from illustrative examples from his most recent book, Andrew will deliver a thought-provoking TED-style talk for business leaders looking to chart a successful path for their organizations in the digital future.


  • Andrew McAfee, Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

10:00 AM

SHIFT: The Renaissance of IT in the Age of Technology-Driven Disruption

As the era of data-powered intelligence arrives, new and urgent decisions await business leaders. Cloud computing extending to the intelligent edge, 5G networks promising to unleash a new wave of immersive content and experiences, and compute and algorithmic innovation paving the path for AI. Shannon will highlight how tech innovation is delivering game-changing capabilities for businesses to exploit these trends—everything from faster and highly optimized compute and intelligent storage to memory technology breakthroughs and algorithmic innovation. Shannon will host business leaders from different industries in a fireside chat representing diverse industries who will share how they’re using next-generation technologies to advance their business transformation goals.


10:45 AM

IT Transformation for the Data Era: Three Things That Will Make or Break Your Data Strategy

Data is at the heart of every disruptive technology trend shaping the future of business. After early attempts and mixed results, enterprises are once again aggressively moving ahead with analytics initiatives. Lisa will share her perspective on what enterprises need to consider to move their data analytics initiatives forward. She will identify clear areas of focus for IT leaders to embark on this journey as well as pitfalls to avoid and address critical investments across data architecture to put businesses on the path to success.


  • Lisa Davis, VP & GM for IT Transformation, Enterprise, and Government Data Center Group, Intel  

11:00 AM

Winning with Data Analytics—Why Some Businesses Are Succeeding While Others are Faltering

Enterprises that are putting data and analytics to great use recognize that these initiatives require much more than just the right technologies. What strategies are data-smart businesses adopting to overcome early barriers as they expand analytics efforts? What can we learn from successes of early practitioners? The presenters in this panel will discuss what it truly takes to win in the data analytics game.


  • Bob Rogers, PhD, Chief Data Scientist, Big Data Solutions, Data Center Group, Intel 
  • Dez Blanchfield, Chief Data Scientist, Gara Guru
  • Jonathon Donaldson, Technical Director, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud
  • Michelle Ng Gong, MD, MS, Assoc. Dir. For Academic Affairs, Montefiore Medical Center  

11:35 AM

Storage - A Key Linchpin of Your Enterprise Data Strategy  

The tsunami of data is driving a transformation within today’s business world.  Companies are overwhelmed by the amount of data being collected and their inability to fully and rapidly extract and deliver business value to their customers in an efficient manner.  Storage innovation is becoming a highly critical IT domain for the success of enterprise data strategies. Customers migrating off legacy storage to more modern storage approaches are not only benefiting from lower costs of storing data, but significantly speeding up access to data across their organization, and the ability to drive faster data-driven decisions. Hear about how Intel’s advances in next-generation storage and memory technologies will enable businesses to respond nimbly to the ever increasing demands of data.  


  • Rob Crooke, SVP & GM, Non-volatile Memory Solutions Group, Intel  

1:30 PM

Dreamers & Disruptors—When Tech Re-shapes Industries and Society

Selected by Rolling Stone for “The 100 People Who Are Changing America,” futurist Mitchell Joachim will share his iconic work on the future of smart cities and other projects. He will demonstrate how bold thinking on what's possible can be transformative and make the case that when businesses shift boldly, amazing things can happen.


1:45 PM

Old Problems, New Approaches: Innovation Case Studies

Access to disruptive technologies has leveled the playing field, enabling young, emerging businesses to take innovative approaches to solving business and societal challenges — from monitoring ocean health to automating farm work to helping industrial workers avoid workplace injury. Get a peek through brief presentations from business leaders of young organizations on how cloud, internet of things and artificial intelligence technologies are helping them bring new approaches to old problems.


2:20 PM

Building an AI Strategy for Your Business—Balancing Future Promise with Near-Term Realities

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises massive opportunities for enterprises that advance from traditional to more sophisticated analytics using machine learning and cognitive computing. It is also raising critical questions around societal impact and responsible AI. Amir and a panel of industry guests will discuss rapidly emerging AI usages, offering perspectives on how IT leaders can venture into the world of AI today leveraging existing technology infrastructure and investments, while ramping capabilities for more complex AI initiatives in the future.


3:30 PM

Is the Mature Hybrid Cloud is Here?

Hybrid cloud technologies and solutions are maturing, giving IT leaders a rich suite of options for advancing their organization's cloud strategies. Lisa will host a moderated Q&A with the industry's leading hybrid cloud solution providers and leading enterprise IT leaders who have embraced this strategy. The panelists will share insights on how smart hybrid cloud strategies can help IT strike an optimal balance between supporting rapid innovation and agile services delivery, while securing corporate assets and IP, and meeting increasing governance requirements.


  • Lisa Davis, VP & GM for IT Transformation, Enterprise, and Government Data Center Group, Intel
  • Keith Blizard, VP of End User & Public Cloud Services, Johnson & Johnson
  • Mark Jewett, Senior Director, Azure Hybrid Cloud, Microsoft
  • John Marx, FSI Region Director, Red Hat  

4:05 PM

Pushing the Cloud to the Edge: New Opportunities for Business Decision Makers, More Decisions for CIOs

Edge Computing is driving new business opportunities and enabling new usage models across the industrial internet of things, smart cities, and video analytics. How should business evaluate and plan for this emerging trend and what are some new decisions and considerations that come with it? Tom will highlight these topics as part of a Q&A exchange with industry guests.


  • Joe D. Jensen, VP, Internet of Things (IoT) Group, & GM of the Retail Solutions Division, Intel
  • John Gilbert, COO, EVP & CTO, Rudin Management Company (RMC)
  • Daniel Herb, Director, Internet of Things, T-Mobile US  

4:30 PM

Blockchain Transformation, Moving Beyond the Hype

Blockchain isn’t just the next hyped up technology. It shows strong potential to transform the enterprise through innovative use cases. Introducing some of Intel’s own initiatives in this area, Rick will walk the audience through unique industry specific scenarios enabled by this breakthrough enterprise trend.


4:45 PM

Future-Proofing IT for Digital Business

What does it take to future proof business infrastructure to harness the digital future? From compute to storage to network, IT leaders need to evaluate every domain of enterprise infrastructure to ensure it is primed for delivery of rapid insights at optimal TCO. This Intel executive panel will focus on key issues to consider when evaluating areas of strategic infrastructure investment and also highlight Intel innovation that is helping deliver platforms for the digital enterprise.


  • Lisa Spelman, VP & GM, Intel® Xeon® Processors and Data Center Marketing, Intel
  • Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst, Futurum Research, & CEO, Broadsuite Media Group

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