Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Workload Optimization and Accelerated Performance from Edge to Cloud with HPE and Intel. HPE and Intel provide solutions from edge to cloud that are optimized for workload types and performance levels.

Power Solving for Virtualized RAN

Claus Pedersen, VP, Communications Infrastructure Solutions, HPE and Cristina Rodriguez, VP and GM for Intel, discuss the complexity of RAN and the need to innovate the RAN to carry the networks of the future. Learn how HPE and Intel provide solutions enabling transformation to a virtualized, cloud-native RAN that intelligently boosts capacity, reduces costs, and enhances the end user experience.

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Unleashing Exponential Opportunity at the Edge

Rene Torres, VP, SMG, Intel and Denis Vilfort, Dir. Business Development at HPE provide insights into digital transformations and growth at the Edge with IoT use cases in industrial environments. Listen to hear about the tremendous opportunity at the very far Edge back into the Data Center as customers seek to evolve their business in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and logistics.

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Why HPE Choose Intel® SGX to Deliver Confidential Computing Platforms

A game changer, HPE Gen10 Plus servers with Intel® SGX provide the world’s most secure industry-standard server portfolio, with a holistic, 360° view of security from manufacturing supply chain to end-of-life decommissioning.

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