Case Study: Schlumberger ECLIPSE* 2010 Reservoir Simulation Application

Reservoir Simulation Simple, Efficient with 10 Gigabit Ethernet

How can petroleum production be made dramatically more efficient while minimizing the associated capital and operating expenses? Specifically, the objective is to enable very high performance and scalability while leveraging all of the familiar and cost-effective attributes of Ethernet, thus avoiding complex, speci...alized fabrics.

Combining ECLIPSE* 2010 reservoir engineering software with 10 Gigabit Ethernet iWARP (Internet Wide Area RDMA Protocol) provides sophisticated modeling that scales, while retaining the advantages of Ethernet. ECLIPSE provides native support for the iWARP protocol to provide the advanced parallelization necessary with multi-core, multi-node installations. Intel Ethernet iWARP delivers the required low latency and high message rate performance, providing a competitive alternative to Infiniband. When coupled with low-latency, non-blocking, 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Arista Networks switches, application performance can be taken to a new level.

Customer Benefit
Using ECLIPSE 2010 with 10GbE iWARP enables performance on par with InfiniBand while realizing the key benefits of using an Ethernet-based fabric:
• Ease of use.
Ethernet deployment and IP management is familiar and common across data center and cluster facilities by existing personnel.
• IP routing and storage.
Ethernet enables seamless integration of network-attached storage (NAS) file systems while supporting IP subnets and routing.
• Fabric consolidation.
A 10GbE switching fabric provides for the consolidation of management and applications to reduce ports, cables, and complexity.

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