A Better World with IoT Video Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) video and vision systems are making a better world with increased connectivity that can turn ordinary, everyday activities at home and work into extraordinary experiences.

With cameras and video becoming more affordable and ubiquitous, smart video has become one of the primary pillars of the Internet of Things (IoT). As such, imaging and analytics technologies and ecosystems are developing in all major IoT markets.

Some of the drivers for this demand include:

  • Increased business and operations intelligence, which is now desired in both public and private sectors
  • Societal issues, such as urban population growth
  • Public safety concerns, including terrorism and border control
  • Private security concerns, most commonly in the form of home or business video surveillance and monitoring

Today’s video systems are moving from simply storing data to providing actionable insights across a variety of applications in transportation, public services, retail, home and buildings, factories, healthcare and even drones.

Applications and use cases

As more and more video feed is created, the surge in video data is creating a demand for technologies designed to effectively manage and store data, and integrate with other systems and databases. Intel offers a host of hardware and software solutions to enable video applications.

Products and solutions