Develop and Deliver Dynamic Retail Solutions

Today’s consumers seek immersive and customized retail experiences. Forward-thinking developers are creating systems with Intel® architecture—the optimum platform for delivering connected, managed, and secure solutions. Intel is enabling responsive designs with hardware, software, and services that can help you bring your customers personalized retail experiences quickly and cost-effectively.

Digital Signage

Walk into a store, hotel, airport, school, movie theatre, health club, or any other venue and you’re likely to encounter a digital display advertising a product, promoting a brand, or inviting you to step up and interact. That’s digital signage.

Intel is making it easy for you to develop amazing digital signage solutions. You can choose the level of integration you need: Start with an Intel® reference design or purchase a complete solution from one of Intel’s ecosystem partners.

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Intelligent Vending

Most vending machines today focus on collecting money, providing change, and dispensing products. Now developers can quickly and cost-effectively create intelligent vending solutions.

The Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending is a scalable and flexible solution that quickly and cost-effectively adds intelligence to vending machines. And the Intel® IoT Retail Gateway Reference Design for Intelligent Vending provides a solution for re-architecting traditional vending machines into highly-capable, Internet-connected machines that can offer engaging consumer experiences, drive business transformation, support new transaction models, and reduce operating costs. 

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