Future-Proofed Flexibility and Performance

Who is using OPS+ today?

Many partners are taking advantage of the features and benefits of OPS+ in their digital signage solutions.  


"The Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) has allowed Honghe to provide exceptional multimedia teaching solutions to educational users, including interactive display panels (IDPs), interactive whiteboards (IWBs), digital signal systems, class recording systems, and more. Now, with the new scalable performance that Intel's OPS+ makes possible, Honghe can meet the growing needs of our customers by creating innovative solutions for new usage models that demand higher processing capabilities."

— Long Xudong, Vice President Director, Beijing Honghe Technology Group 


"The OPS+ based modules that JWIPC is creating will allow our customers to design intelligent, integrated display solutions that can generate new experiences for consumers and new business models for our customers."

— Miss X.Z. Zhu, Marketing Director, JWIPC