The Intel Atom® processor E3900 series, Intel® Celeron® processor N3350, and Intel® Pentium® processor N4200 platform, formerly Apollo Lake, empowers real-time computing in digital surveillance, new in-vehicle experiences, advancements in industrial and office automation, new solutions for retail and medical, and more. These processors are based on the Goldmont architecture, utilizing Intel’s industry-leading 14 nm process technology.


Apollo Lake Key Features

4K Immersive Graphics and Media Performance

Enhanced display performance, higher resolution, and latest media hardware acceleration

Fast Video Acceleration

Intense media processing capability with increased video encode and playback performance

Support for 3 Independent 4K Ultra HD Displays

Supports Ultra HD 4K on three independent displays via three simultaneous graphics pipes

Up to 15 Simultaneous 1080p30 Decode Streams

Delivers high-level performance for surveillance and other videocentric applications

Extensive Media Codec Library

Comprehensive codec library and advanced capabilities in media encoding and decoding

Key Specifications

  • Based on Goldmont architecture with 14 nm process technology
  • 2–4 CPU cores
  • 1.1–1.6 GHz CPU HFM frequency
  • 1.8–2.5 CPU single-core burst frequency
  • 2 MB cache size
  • 6W–12W thermal design power
  • Up to 8 GB of LPDDR4
  • Six USB 3.0 ports and four PCIe* ports



Processor Name Cache Clock Speed Power Memory Ordering Code
Intel® Celeron® Processor J3355  2 MB  Up to 2.5 GHz  10W Up to 8 GB external DRAM  FH8066802986000
Intel® Celeron® processor J3455 2 MB  Up to 2.3 GHz 10W Up to 8 GB external DRAM  FH8066802986102
Intel® Celeron® Processor N3350 2 MB Up to 2.4 GHz 6W Up to 8 GB external DRAM FH8066802980002
Intel® Pentium® Processor N4200 2 MB Up to 2.5 GHz 6W Up to 8 GB external DRAM FH8066802979703
Intel Atom® x5-E3930 Processor 2 MB Up to 1.8 GHz 6.5W Up to 8 GB external DRAM Contact your Intel sales rep
Intel  Atom® x5-E3940 Processor 2 MB Up to 1.8 GHz 9.5W Up to 8 GB external DRAM Contact your Intel sales rep
Intel Atom® x7-E3950 Processor 2 MB Up to 2.0 GHz 12W Up to 8 GB external DRAM Contact your Intel sales rep

Supported Software

OS Vendor

Operating System  (Targeted for Support)


Distribution and Support


Windows* 10 Enterprise (64-bit), IoT Core (32/64-bit)


Intel, Microsoft


Wind River 8 Linux* distribution (64-bit)

Wind River

Wind River


Yocto Project* BSP tool-based embedded Linux distribution (64-bit)


Yocto Project* and ISV Partners

Linux*  Ubuntu* Linux* distribution Canonical  Canonical


Android (64-bit) Marshmallow* (Target Gold Release Q2 '17), Android O (Target Gold Release Q3/Q4 '17)


ISV Partners


Wind River VxWorks* 7

Wind River

Wind River

Apollo Lake Optimized Applications

These processors have the ability to execute a wide array of applications, from manufacturing robots and machinery, to radar and sensors on ships, planes, trains and automobiles, to in-vehicle experiences and video systems.

In-Vehicle Experiences

The latest Intel Atom® automotive processors for in-vehicle experiences make designing features simpler, more powerful and cost effective, enabling automakers to maximize profit margins while delivering on market demands.

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Industrial Automation

A dedicated partner to the industrial segment, Intel accelerates IoT by delivering end-to-end solutions that enable solution providers and factories to achieve new operational efficiencies and transform manufacturing.

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