Intel® GO™ Automated Driving Solutions

Car, Connectivity, Cloud

Automated driving will change lives and societies for the better, resulting in fewer accidents, greater mobility, and more efficient traffic flow. With the Intel® GO™ automated driving solutions portfolio for automotive, Intel brings its deep expertise in compute, connectivity, and the cloud to deliver solutions for automated driving.

Intel® GO™ automated driving solutions give OEMs incredible scalability and a flexible architecture that maximizes hardware and software reuse. This means OEMs can pursue countless design iterations, differentiate brands, and accommodate every market need and increasing levels of autonomy—while potentially lowering the cost of development and accelerating time-to-market. Solutions are built upon a foundation of security and functional safety to help protect drivers and passengers, as well as vehicle systems and data.

Intel® GO™ automated driving solutions include high-performance in-vehicle computing, software development tools, 5G-ready connectivity, a robust data center platform, and the latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Intel® GO™ development platforms for automated driving, including both Intel® Atom™ and Intel® Xeon® processor versions, make it easier for developers to build, evaluate, benchmark, and optimize automated driving solutions, ranging from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to fully autonomous vehicles. These platforms jumpstart development, enable flexibility in design, and speed time-to-market. Both platforms include Intel® Arria® 10 FPGAs to speed production and come with a set of sample applications, run times and libraries, and middleware.
  • The Intel® GO™ automotive software development kit (SDK) helps developers and system designers maximize hardware capabilities while speeding the pace of development. It includes computer vision, deep learning, and OpenCL* tool kits, as well as a sensor data labeling tool, performance libraries, and other helpful resources.
  • The Intel® GO™ automotive 5G platform, available in February 2017, offers the industry’s first 5G-ready platform for the automotive segment. It will allow automakers to develop and test a wide range of use cases and applications.
  • Intel® technologies for data center support Intel® GO™ automated driving solutions with full scalability to continuously store and manage unprecedented volumes of data and enable cloud services. Sophisticated hardware, based on Intel® Xeon® and Xeon Phi™ processors, delivers the high-performance computing needed to support artificial intelligence (AI) and other intensive workloads. Intel technologies for data center are optimized for machine learning and deep learning to accelerate the time it takes to create AI-based driving models.