Student Ready Performance

Discover the mobility and power that keep up with your classroom. The Intel® Compute Stick brings better learning and teaching with powerful plug-and-go education performance that fits in one hand.

Why Choose the Intel® Compute Stick for Your Classroom? 

Whether you need to stream lessons or get students collaborating, turn your classroom monitors into functioning computers for learning and teaching. The Intel® Compute Stick—ready to go right out of the box.

  • Portability makes it ideal for any learning location (classrooms, labs, libraries, and shared learning stations).
  • Plug-and-learn design turns any monitor into a computer.
  • High performance supports multiple-monitor learning environments, enabling activities like graphic design, computer-aided drafting, and computer programming.

What to Consider When Choosing the Intel® Compute Stick for Education

  • Connectivity for streaming content.
  • Monitor or display compatibility with USB input.
  • Minimizes local compute and storage needs.
  • Helps with cost and budget constraints.

Need Help?

Intel® Education IT advisors work with you to solve IT challenges in education.

Solutions that Support Student Success

Transform your classroom into a hub for digital learning and teaching with a device that turns monitors into fully functional computers—the Intel® Compute Stick.

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