Intel® Education Products

Full featured solutions designed for education

Purpose-Built For Education

Designed specifically for schools, these solutions engage students as they learn in the classroom, in the house and anywhere in between.

  • Rugged designs that are liquid, dust, and drop resistant
  • Open architecture so educators can choose peripherals, software, and infrastructure
  • Built in digital security and online protection
  • Integrated tools for scientific inquiries


Success Stories

By combining the Intel® Education Content Access Point with digital content, World Possible enables online learning in schools that have no or limited Internet connectivity.

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Acer*, GeoGebra* and Intel® Education are making math more engaging for students with Intel® Real Sense technology and GeoGebra's geometry package.

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As an initiative to empower teachers and foster personalized learning, the Houston schools are harnessing the power of 1:1 to bring modern skills to its students.

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Key Considerations for Finding the Right Device

Which device is right for your program? You have been asked to find a solution that will support a broad range of ages and learning activities while being cost-effective, manageable, and secure. We can help.

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Intel® Education IT advisors work with you to solve IT challenges in education.