Intel® Education 2 in 1 and Notebook

Designs Optimized for the Student Experience

The Intel® Education 2 in 1 and Notebook reference designs provide productivity in modern rugged designs that enable students to get the most from technology.

Intel’s newest 2 in 1 convertible education reference design enhances the student experience.  Features include:

●   Modern design that is thin, light, and scales multiple grades

●   Durability demanded by the education environment

●   Optional digital pen, touch, and voice interfaces that adapt to student needs


Links to Product Briefs:

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Product and Performance Information


Drop Test configuration: 70cm drop on concrete floor. Testing was 5 faces, 4 corners with lid open to 360 degrees; 6 faces, 4 corners with lid closed. IP testing conducted according to IEC 60529 (International Electrotechnical Commission.) Water-resistance testing conducted with 100cc of water on both the touch panel (with lid open to 360 degrees) and keyboard. Drop, IP, and water-resistance testing conducted by Intel.


Battery life for the notebook design is up to 7 hours. Battery life for 2 in 1 design is up to 6.5 hours. Battery life is based on TabletMark* v3 11.6" LCD. Actual battery life may vary based on battery size, product settings, usage patterns, and environmental conditions. Testing conducted by Intel.