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Intel® Learn Program

Empowering youth around the world

Intel® Learn Program: Global Impact

Intel Learn is making a significant impact around the world:


Intel Learn is produced in partnership with Fundación Evolución, with participating community centers in the provinces of Misiones, Santa Fe, Jujuy, and Cordoba.


Intel Learn partners: Fundação Bradesco, UNESCO, and USAID. Additional participation by Unibratec and InClube São Carlos.


Intel Learn partners: The Ministry of Education through Enlaces and the “Liceo Para Todos” program; Centro de Informatica Educativa, CIE; and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, PUC. Additional participants: Biblioredes, Injuv, Subtel, Corporacion El Encuentro, and Un Techo Para Chile.


Intel Learn partners: China Association for Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, and the Department of Educational Technology at Peking University.


Intel Learn partners: IT Blocks, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Education.


Intel Learn partners: Kerala State Information Technology Mission; Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti Schools under the Ministry of Human Resources and Development, Department of IT; Directorate of Public Instruction, Chandigarh Administration; and several major NGOs, including MS Swaminathan Research Foundation and Pratham.


Intel Learn partners: Appleseeds Academy (formerly Tapuah). Other key participants: Various municipal governments, Sacta-Rashi Foundation, national service and civil service boards, and Karev Foundation.


Intel Learn partners: Danawa Resources Sdn. Bhd., Medan Sedunia Digital Technology Sdn. Bhd.


Intel Learn partners: Servicios a la Juventud A.C., the Ministry of Social Development, National Council for Culture and Arts, the Ministry of Education of the State of Chiapas, and numerous regional community organizations.


Intel Learn partners: USAID, Ruwwad, the Al-Bireh Youth Development Resource Center, Hebron Youth Development Center, Nablus Youth Development Resource Center, and the Palestinian Vision Organization.


Intel Learn partners: Autonomous Organization IT Training Center of Novosibirsk, Interregional Association for Monitoring and Statistics of Education, and 11 regional departments of education.


Intel Learn partners: Educational Technologies Directorate and Directorate of Apprenticeship and Non-Formal Education under the Ministry of National Education, and a university-based evaluation team.


Intel Learn partners: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in association with the Ministry of Education; Ministry of Youth, Family, and Sports; First Lady Foundation; and the Association for Youth Cooperation.

Intel® Learn Program